Connect with your Highest Self.

Release all doubts and hesitations as you RISE to the greatness of who you really are!

Accepting that you are perfectly imperfect. And surrounding yourself in the beautiful truth of your most authentic, true self.

Truly empowering!

♥ Suni

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Lisa Plant

Rise !

I love this session! Really allows relaxation and the perfect mindset to feel courageous and step on into purpose!

What's included?

2 Surveys
1 Text
1 Audio

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Suni Speaks
Suni Speaks
Empowerment Educator + Hypno Coach


I love using my experiences as a hypnotist
to share the benefits of hypnosis
in unexpected ways. 

I’ll hypnotize anyone to help them
discover their greatest potential.

I carefully craft every session to bring the most positive transformation
because I honestly adore connecting you with your dreams.